Review By Joseph Harwood – SUVA Beauty Pro Palette

By: Shaina Azad

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We have had an AMAZING response to our very FIRST product the SUVA Beauty Pro Palette!

One of our favorite stars, Joseph Harwood, a UK Based, award winning Makeup Artist and YouTube STAR, has given a full review of the SUVA Beauty ProPalette on his Youtube & Instagram:

SHORT ANSWER: He loves it!

Check Out Joseph Harwood on YouTube -  

Joseph Talks About it in His February Favourites Video (at 2:50) 


Joseph Uses the Palette for his Alien Drag Queen Makeup (at 3:10)

Joseph Uses the Palette in his Natural Beauty Video (at 5:30)

Joseph’s Best Friend Makeup Video (at 9:00 & 10:50)

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    Note & Disclaimer

    Take a look at his reviews and his thoughts on the product and please note that we did not pay him to review or to use it in any of his video’s. We did however provide him with a palette to review and the rest was up to him!

    (We knew he would love it but we value ALL honest feedback!)

    Tell us what you think?

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