Confessions of a Suva Girl: Blue Lagoon

Going for a BOLD LOOK? It’s never too late to add a pop of colour into your every day glam! Here’s how to achieve this look created on Natascha Pederson.

Step 1:  Open the SUVA Beauty Pro Palette and rub the colours all over your face because your inability to handle the beauty of the colours is going force you to dip your face in!

Just kidding! Apply an eyeshadow base (anything will do, a concealer or a paint pot or a cream shadow) Since our shadows have a built in primer, you can use concealer and not have it crease all day! Then Apply the MAY FAIR shimmer shadow all over the eye upto the brow bone.

Step 2: Use a combination of LEVU and SEA BREEZE starting from the middle and to the outer corner of the lid with our FLAT DOME brush.

Step 3: Using the POINTED PRECISION brush add KAJOL to the outer corner.

Step 4: Then taking your long tapered blending brush, blend out the crease using BULA as a transition shade.

Step 5: With our ANGLED LINER Brush finish the look with a crisp jet black definition to your eyes using our HYDRA CAKE LINER.

Step 6: To add a pop of colour to the eye and create a more of an intense look, use LEVU to create a defined line on the lower lash line using our FINE POINT Brush and smudge it out with the POINTED PRECISION Brush.

Step 7: Add mascara and apply false lashes if wanted.

Step 8: Rock this look and take in all the compliments you receive! ;)



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