NEW - Palettes & Hydra Liners REVEALED! PRE-SALE Discount till November 12, 2015!

SUVA Beauty palettes AND Hydra Liners are REVEALED!!

Today is the day and our “to-die for” creamy/buttery/high pigmentation shadows are back! They will also be joined with the launch of our newest item the HYDRA liners that are amazing for liners but also body art and…… wait for it…. AIRBRUSHING!

From (Today) Monday, November 2, 2015 to Thursday, November 12, 2015 at 11:59:00PM we will be accepting PRE-Orders (to be shipped out within 1-2 days of November 12, 2015).

PRE-LAUNCH (20% OFF) PROMOTION (till Thursday November 12, 2015)

Enter Code at Checkout: PRESALE20

What Qualifies for a PRE SALE Discounts?

Note: PRE-SALE Discount would apply to any Discounted Item(s) below

For the Pre-Launch Pricing please enter code: PRESALE20

What does not qualify for PRE SALE Discounts?

  • Hydra Cream Base (5g/0.18oz) - Individuals - (Retail $6.50USD)
  • Hydra Cream Base - Quads - Limited Time 20% OFF ($20.80USD)
  • Hydra Cream Base - Total Collection - Limited Time 30% OFF ($72.80USD) - BEST VALUE
  • Essential Eye Kit - Brush Set - (Retail $35USD)
  • Magnetic Retractable Brush Case - (Retail $30USD)
  • Essential Eye Kit + Magnetic Retractable Brush Case - Bundle Priced ($58.50USD)

Can I buy PRE SALE items and Regular Items together?

Yes, of course! But, the pre sale special discounts will only be applied to the qualifying palettes, palettes bundles and hydra liners/hydra liner bundles. Also, if your purchase includes a pre sale item your order will not ship until after the pre sale promotion ends. We cannot split partial orders for shipping but if you require anything on a rush basis please email us at

Have any questions?

We know there will be lots of questions and we love questions. In the next week, we will be adding lots of info/photos/videos to better understand why you need SUVA Beauty in your life.

As always feel free to contact us at….

Email - (For Any/All questions & order inquiries)

Facebook - (For Any/All questions)

Instagram - @suvabeauty (For Any/All Questions but we may ask to follow-up with email)

Did you know that…

We have a toll free line at 1-866-960-9702… If no one is available please leave a message and include your name & email as since we have customers all over the world it may be more convenient for us to email back and arrange a time to chat!

Did you also know that…

We are in the process of setting up WHATSAPP for quick questions and this may also include the NEW Whatsapp calling feature. If you haven’t tried the whatsapp calling, you will love it and we know our international customers will love it too! STAY TUNED!

LASTLY… Did you know that…

Our big boss, CEO, and SUVA Beauty Founder, Shaina Azad, was in Los Angeles, United States during Halloween (October 30-31). She was partying with the biggest beauty INSTAGRAMMERS, YOUTUBERS / BLOGGERS in the world at the Anastasia Beverly Hills Halloween Party. We will post some pictures & videos soon!!


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