How to apply Hydra Liners without cracking!

October 01 2019 – Olivia Lam

Hydra liner cracking

Hydra liner cracking

SUVA Beauty Hydra Liners and Hydra FX Apply without Cracking

Apart from "why is my Hydra Liner so dry?" (haha) a common question we receive about these colorful little pots is, "why is my Hydra Liner cracking - what am I doing wrong?" If you're experiencing this while using your Hydra Liners, don't worry, we have a solution for you!

Let's start with, what is a Hydra Liner? A Hydra Liner is water activated cake product. For those who are new to cake products or don't have a lot of experience with them, Using the Hydra Liners may be a slight learning curve. But trust us, once you master it, there is no other vibrant, colored liner that you will love more!

In order to use the Hydra Liners, you'll have to activate the product with water. We recommend using only water (learn how to use Hydra Liners here).

Now, here are the precise steps and tips in order to prevent cracking and achieving a beautifully smooth application: 

1. Wet your fine liner brush with water (start with a little water first - you can always add more later).

2. Use this wet brush to activate the Hydra Liner. Be generous with your mixing. The final formula should look like a creamy paste (like melted ice-cream!).

3. If you find that the formula sucked up all the water while mixing, you can wet your brush again and continue mixing. 

4. If you do not mix the formula to the right consistency, you'll either achieve something too sheer or too clumpy.

5. If you achieve a sheerer formula, your first instinct is probably to layer the application after it has semi or fully dried. DO NOT DO THIS. This is what makes the application crack.

6. If you want a more opaque application, you need to continue mixing the water into the product until it is a creamy paste. 

7. Once you have that perfect creamy paste, you can apply! 

Here is a visual of what different applications look like: 







Hydra Liner Cracking

SWATCH #1 and #2applications with more water content - that's why they are slightly sheerer than the other swatches. 

SWATCH #3 has the same water content as #1 and #2, but the application has been LAYERED 3 times. This is why this application accentuates all the finer lines in the skin and will probably start to crack after a few hours of wear.

SWATCH #4 this is your "happy medium' swatch! #4 provides the highest color payoff without that nasty cracking issue down the road. 

As you can see, the Hydra Liners are a super unique formula that allows you, as an artist, to alter the formula however you would like. If you're going for a watercolor look, add more water! If you need a super stark and opaque application, work on achieving the perfect consistency!

Hope that helps, SUVA fam! Comment down below your best Hydra Liner tips!







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  • Jay Hilo: December 20, 2021

    I used the Hydraliners, but now the pan with the product is all messed up with my brush strokes. Basically it’s not flat anymore. How can I “refresh” my pan with the product and make it flat and smooth again? If that’s even possible :)

  • Zanne: December 20, 2021

    This is a blessing to read because I haven’t used products like these before. The fact that you send out emails like this is beyond amazing for people like me who don’t have quite the time to be watching how-to videos! Love it!

  • Karina : December 20, 2021

    Super helpful! Just got my first order and I’ve been loving them so far, although it’s a bit of a learning curve. Would love to see tutorials on different looks

  • Beverlee Garcia: June 03, 2020

    I love that yall send emails on this product .. I purchased this and wasn’t completely sure how to use. Before my product arrived I got the first email explaining how to activate these beautiful pots, and now a update so it won’t crack. You’re company is awesome and very thoughtful!!! I’ve never had a makeup company email the run down on a product before. Suva beauty is definitely one of a kind!!!!

  • Angie M: June 03, 2020

    This was very helpful ! I was literally wondering the other day why my eyeliner was starting off nice and throughout the day it cracked. It’s always good to learn new techniques!

  • Jennifer Duarte: November 20, 2019

    Thanks for the information that helps a lot.

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