Powerhouse Series: Paulina Cameron’s Community for Female Canadian Entrepreneurs

June 07 2021 – Brooklyn Cooper

Powerhouse Series: Paulina Cameron’s Community for Female Canadian Entrepreneurs

Powerhouse Series: Paulina Cameron’s Community for Female Canadian Entrepreneurs

This just in: IG Live Powerhouse Series with SUVA Beauty Founder and CEO, Shaina Azad.

Why is it important to provide women with the resources they need to thrive as an entrepreneur? This is the exact question Paulina Cameron, CEO of The Forum, and Shaina Azad sat down to discuss.

The Forum is a Canadian-based charity that energizes, educates, mentors, and connects self-identifying women entrepreneurs. It’s all about promoting strengthened economies and thriving communities for success.

The Forum has supported over 10,000 women entrepreneurs since 2002, and Paulina is committed to making sure women-identifying entrepreneurs feel equipped to achieve their business goals. By providing women with extra help, more capital, and clarity with options, The Forum doesn't want women navigating the world of capital and funding thinking they are “less important” than other businesses.

So, what educational programs are offered at The Forum? Mentor Programs, Money Moves, E-Series, and Pitch for the Purse are the programs designed to help Canadian women entrepreneurs build resilient businesses – regardless of their industry, team size, or experience level.

Mentor Program: pairs women identifying entrepreneurs across Canada, in all stages of business, with experienced mentors who can offer practical guidance and support on the individual challenges the business is facing.

Money Moves: focuses on democratizing access to capital through live webinars, self-paced exercises, and a community of lenders, investors, and peers.

E-Series: a multi-day online program for women-identifying entrepreneurs that want an all-encompassing education in business and entrepreneurship. 

Pitch for the Purse: provides coaching and mentorship to women entrepreneurs so they can share their business visions to secure the funding, community and support they need for growth. Plus, a chance to pitch your business for $50,000.

“Apply!” Paulina says. “Because once you get plugged into the community and the resources, that is as valuable as going through the subsequent process.”

With the Forum, there are so many great opportunities to showcase your business and earn capital. For example, for ‘Pitch for the Purse’ the public is encouraged to vote on their favorite businesses to provide entrepreneurs with a chance to kick start their business. First place wins $50,000, and second and third place win $5,000. “All of our entrepreneurs say it's the most supportive process,” Paulina says. “The audience votes, so it’s super democratic.”

The Forum also stands by their value to leave no woman behind. “The team does so much work to create accessible programming,” Paulina says. “Now it’s about making sure more people hear about us and utilize the resources.”

“If you are a female Canadian, please join the organization or else I don’t know what you’re doing with your life,” Shaina laughs. 

You can follow Paulina Cameron @paulinaacameron, The Forum @theforumca and Shaina Azad @shainaazad on Instagram.

Catch the Powerhouse Series episodes on Shaina’s page. And if you know any female influences you’d like to recommend for the Powerhouse Series, tag them below or send us a DM on Instagram @SuvaBeauty!

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