Rainbow Ombré Graphic Eyeliner with the UV Hydra FX!

December 10 2021 – Salma Tran

Jodi's Staff Pick: "We Make Rainbows Jealous" Hydra FX Collection

Jodi's Staff Pick: "We Make Rainbows Jealous" Hydra FX Collection

Rainbow Ombrés Are My New Thing.

As you may all know, our "We Make Rainbows Jealous" Hydra FX Collection has been a bestselling SUVA Beauty product. Even SUVA's very own, Jodi, chose it as her holiday staff pick! She gave me the inspiration to create a rainbow ombré Hydra Liner look! Ready to jump on board with color?pictorial showing the three steps in the tutorial

Recreate the Look: Using your "We Make Rainbows Jealous" Hydra FX Collection, prepare by organizing the colors in the order of a rainbow! (Key tips on how to activate your Hydra Liners here!)

  1. On one eye (starting on the inner corner), take "Dance Party," then "Acid Trip," and lastly "Bomb AF." Make a small line of each color along your lash line. Repeat on the other eye (starting on the inner corner) using "Fanny Pack," "Tracksuit," and "Grape Soda." Be sure to leave a little bit of space between each color. 
  2. Using a wet liner brush (I used the Six Ten Brush), connect the colors together - one color at a time. You may need to dip into a bit of each color for a more seamless blend.
  3. Pop on some lashes and add mascara to your bottom lashes, now you have the finished look!  


Use code "HOLIDAYPICKS" at checkout for an additional 15% OFF on the "We Make Rainbows Jealous" Hydra FX Collection, and all the other products on our Staff Pick list! One use per customer, active now until December 31st. Only on www.suvabeauty.com

*Not applicable with any other discounts or promotions.

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