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  • Makeup artist Abby Ren will be hosting a Grime Makeup tutorial on Supergreat using SUVA Beauty's UV Grunge Hydra Liners/FX palette. The live will take place Thursday, October 21 at 4PM PST on the Supergreat App

    @AbbyWrenArtistry Halloween Grime Makeup!

    October 20 2021

    Join @abbywrenartistry (Abby Wren) on Thursday, October 21 at 4pm PST/7 pm EST on the Supergreat App to see her create a SUVA Beauty approved Grime Makeup look! 

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  • SUVA Beauty Grime Makeup Challenge

    Win a $500 SUVA Beauty Gift Card - SUVA Grime Makeup Challenge

    October 06 2021

    We’re calling on everyone to create and share their best grime makeup looks for October! This can be anything from Grime Eyeliner, Grime Lip Art, to an absolute FULL face of Grime! Need some inspiration, check out this look!  

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  • Summer 2021 makeup trends according to Allure, PureWow and DailyHive

    Summer 2021 makeup trends according to Allure, PureWow and DailyHive

    August 10 2021

    After this past year, it's no surprise that everyone is calling for bold and bright trends! As many of you already know, SUVA Beauty is notorious for embracing all things colorful! Especially with the release of the NEW We Make Rainbows Jealous™ pressed pigment palette, vibrant color is at the forefront of innovation.  Allure, DailyHive and PureWow have all spoken on this summer’s HOT...

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  • SUVA Mixology

    SUVA Mixology

    June 16 2020

    #SUVAMIXOLOGY - Mix Hydra Liners/FX to create new colors! 'How do I mix my Hydra Liners to create new colors?' Great question! Here are tips for mixing Hydra Liners/FX in the most sanitary way possible: 1. Using a wet makeup brush, separately activate the two Hydra Liner/FX shades you want to mix. 2. Once the Hydra Liners/FX are activated to a...

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