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SUVA Mixology

#SUVAMIXOLOGY - Mix Hydra Liners/FX to create new colors! 'How do I mix my Hydra Liners to create new colors?' Great question! Here are tips for mi...

How to Get the Perfect Hydra Liner Consistency for Winged Eyeliner

The Hydra Liners & Hydra FX are water activated cakes designed for multi-use (eyeliner, face painting, body art, airbrushing). The formula allows artists to experiment with consistency to create the effect they desire. But in order to get the perfect consistency for a wing eyeliner, you’ll have to do a little testing yourself!

How to apply Hydra Liners without cracking!

"My Hydra Liners crack when I apply them. What Am I doing wrong!?" 

For those who are new to cake liners or don't have a lot of experience with them, Using the Hydra Liners may be a slight learning curve. But trust us, once you master it, there is no other vibrant, colored liner that you will love more!

In order to use the Hydra Liner cake liners, you'll have to activate the product with water. We recommend using only water.


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