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SUVA Beauty Ultraviolet UV LED Flashlight Purple
SUVA Beauty Ultraviolet UV LED Flashlight - Neon Splatter
Ultraviolet (UV) LED Flashlight
UV LED Blacklight Flashlight Instructions SUVA Beauty

Ultraviolet (UV) LED Flashlight

Tools & Cases

  • Product code: UVL002
$12.00 USD

Ultraviolet (UV) LED Flashlight

What is it?

Bring the dance party home! SUVA Beauty’s Ultraviolet LED Flashlight is a powerful and compact tool to help bring your UV/blacklight looks to life. Who’s ready for endless UV fun?! 

Flashlight Weight: 61g

Flashlight size: 9.5cm long, 3.5cm diameter.

Batteries not included.

Battery type: 3x AAA

Key Features:

395nM UV LED

・50 lumens

・Aircraft grade aluminum

  • Twist the bottom piece of the flashlight counter-clockwise to release the battery chamber
  • Insert 3x AAA batteries as instructed into the battery chamber (+/-)
  • Insert the battery chamber back into the flashlight (positive end inserted first)
  • Twist the bottom piece of the flashlight clockwise to secure it back in place
  • Press the button on the bottom of the flashlight to start your UV dance party!
  • Note: if the flashlight is not turning on, please check that the batteries have been inserted correctly and/or that the battery chamber has been inserted correctly




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