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Euphoria Makeup Looks to Steal for Halloween

"Makeup artist Kirsten Coleman broke down Kat's emboldened neon liner, revealing on Instagram that this look was a combination of Chanel and SUVA Beauty."

Featured products: Acid Trip Hydra FX

5 Indie Makeup Brands To Keep Your Eye On (2020)

"For those who perceive makeup as an art and their face as the canvas, Suva Beauty is the brand for you..." "Neon is back in style, and Suva is here for all of your neon (or not) needs."

Featured products: Hydra FX Liner and Artisan Palette

Watch Mmmmitchell create a zodiac inspired Cancer makeup tutorial

"Mitchell's cancer look is inspired by all the crabs he knows, who he describes as "loyal", "artistic" and "full of emotion". As well as the Cancerians he doesn't know, but loves, that being Khloe Kardashian (his favourite Kardashian FYI) and Ariana Grande."

Featured products: Space Panda Hydra Liner

6 Electric Eye Looks from the Spring Runways to Steal Now

"Talk about electric! Glam Squad makeup artistic director, Kelli Barlett combined two shocking shades of orange and yellow liners."

Featured products: Dance Party Hydra FX