Mentorship Program

NEW: Global Mentorship Program - currently closed for applications!

[Updated May 7, 2020]

What is the SUVA Beauty Mentorship Program?

SUVA Beauty’s Mentorship Program is a hands-on, learning and skill building experience for individuals who have recently graduated, or in the process of graduating from an accredited makeup/cosmetic program.

Mentees who have been accepted into the 3 month program report to SUVA Beauty’s head office weekly. Each day is an opportunity for the mentee to explore their creativity and learn the skills necessary for their career in makeup artistry.

Why Participate in the Mentorship Program?

Soon-to-be and graduates will find no opportunity like the one presented by SUVA Beauty.

The program is designed and constructed into weekly modules to enhance the mentee’s artistic talents and build their professional identity. The mentee will learn how to navigate real-world industry challenges in their specified field. From marketing to business knowledge, the SUVA Beauty team works as a collective in assisting the mentee on achieving these career goals.

The mentee will also have scheduled sessions with SUVA Beauty’s CEO, Shaina Azad, for one-on-one mentorship. As a Professional Makeup Artist, Shaina offers valuable insight on makeup artistry and how to navigate the professional field.


I loved being at SUVA! It was an all around great experience for me. I learned so many things and not just about the makeup side but about the business side as well. Each day was something new which I loved because you never knew what to expect. Shaina was the best CEO, always so knowledgeable and professional but also the funniest and goofiest person you'd ever met. She taught me so much and was always there to answer any questions I had. I value the time I got to spend at SUVA and am so grateful for everything I learned. No matter what, I will always be a huge supporter of SUVA Beauty.

- Monica M.

My experience at SUVA Beauty was extraordinary, it gave me a such a vital and rich knowledge base for how a cosmetic business works in the beauty industry.

My first experience with SUVA Beauty was in my air brush class at Blanche Macdonald. I was amazed with these high quality products that are produced by a Vancouver based company. Most of products that I use for my profession as a makeup effects artist are either from US or European based brand. So I was surprised by this Canadian commercial brand - their products are so versatile and I use them in all my work, such as beauty and fashion looks, body painting, or prosthetic creation.

I was extremely thrilled to start my Mentorship with SUVA Beauty, because I always wondered who was behind of this young and intelligent brand. When I met Shaina, the CEO of SUVA Beauty, I think that I had my answer. Shaina is such a hard working and smart leader who knows how to operate resources, time, and ideas properly. She is a intelligent mentor who knows how to develop the talents to her employees and give them the freedom to grow. She has this sharp vision for SUVA Beauty, as well as for all of our mentees.

I still remember the afternoon that Shaina took few hours off from her work, to plan and talk about the possibilities of my future. The work experience that she shared with me, computer and office skills that I learned from her, and her positive attitude all made a huge impact on my career.

The entire SUVA team is well structured, and every team member is professional, friendly and fun. Furthermore, the working environment is always relaxed and flexible. SUVA really encourages the mentees to share their ideas and creativity to the team, as well as supporting and help us to achieve our creation.

I really appreciate the chance that I had to be part of the SUVA team. It was a significant step in my transformation as a makeup artist. I believe these transferable skills will pass to my career in the future. I love SUVA!

- Melody L.

SUVA Beauty has always been a favourite of mine. Since the first time I tried their 30 Shade Pro Palette. Going to the mentorship meet-up was honestly the best decision I’ve made. Because before the mentorship Program, I didn’t have that clear of an idea of what I wanted to do and what steps to take to achieve my career goals.

During the program, Shaina really helped me figure out what I need to do and know to really excel in the fashion industry, which has made me realize where I want to take my career. I am very grateful for that and can’t wait to take my new found knowledge and reach my goals. I love that SUVA Beauty is a creative, fun, and accepting brand. I’ve learnt a lot about how to have an exceptional social media presence. I am so glad I was able to take part in this amazing opportunity and can’t wait for the future!!

- Happi K. 

I heard about Suva from one of the associate directors at Blanche Macdonald when I was applying for school.  At the time, CEO Shaina Azad had very recently launched Suva Beauty. Being a curious person, I went and read the “About Us” section on the website and learned about Shaina’s story as a makeup artist.  She sounded like an interesting person with valuable insight and so I very much wanted to meet her and learn from her experience. I remember seeing the Suva booth at IMATS 2016 hoping to bump into her, but had no luck.  When I saw the opportunity to intern at Suva, I was super excited to interview…and even more excited, to my surprise, to be a successful candidate. I very much enjoyed working with the Suva team, they are a fun, quirky group and there was never a dull moment in the office.  I learned a lot through the program, especially about marketing and social media. It was a fun way to see what goes on behind the scenes to make all those Suva swatches and do photoshoots for Instagram posts. The best part of the program was that the team really tailors the program to the area of makeup that you are interested in pursuing. Through one-on-one time with Shaina, I was able to learn Photoshop tips as well as how to be successful in my area of interest, TV and film. Shaina was supportive and encouraging, and always gave me a push to come out of my comfort zone. It was a great mentoring and networking opportunity and I could not be more grateful for my time at Suva Beauty.

- Tori N.

My internship with SUVA Beauty was one of the best experiences of my life! Shaina brought me in and taught me so much about makeup and the business behind building a brand and being successful. My experience at SUVA Beauty was fun, inspiring, and educational. They made me feel like part of the family and I am so grateful for the opportunities they provided me.

- Amber K. 

Over the past few months, I have learnt so much and I feel so much more confident in my makeup skills.

Colour is fun! I adore all of the bright and unique colours Suva has to offer. Suva is such a unique makeup company with so much to offer. I’m hooked forever!

I have also learnt to go outside my comfort zone, try new techniques and find my style of makeup. Whether that be trying out more creative looks or focusing on perfecting a skin finish.

It’s also very interesting mentoring at a small company because I’ve had the chance to learn a bit more about small scale operations and how they function.

I’ve learnt from everyone here and I’m very grateful for it.

Thank you so much for this opportunity!

- Rachel W.