Mentorship Program

What is the Mentorship Program?

The Mentorship Program is a hands-on, learning and skill building experience provided by SUVA Beauty Founder & CEO, Shaina Azad. The Mentorship Program is a pro-bono opportunity to support young professionals in accomplishing their career goals. With 15 years of experience in marketing, business and professional makeup artistry, Shaina works one-on-one with each individual to set them up for success! To date, Shaina has mentored over 30 young entrepreneurs, helped establish 12 small businesses, and employed 3 individuals within SUVA Beauty through the Mentorship Program.

How Can I Participate?

Are you an established makeup artist or entrepreneur that needs a mentor? Please contact to inquire about how our next Mentorship Program is taking place!



"Shaina is an incredible speaker and mentor. She was a panelist and Build Your Brand workshop facilitator at the VMW Ringleaders Conference in Vancouver. Shaina knows how to captivate an audience, be authentic and empower women to live big and lead their companies and industries. Her energy and drive are contagious and inspiring!"

- Aisha Amijee, KPU Arts IDEA Faculty Kwantlen Polytechnic University Vancouver, Canada




"Shaina is so lovely and supportive but also gives the hard facts. When talking about the business I wanted to start, she made sure I knew what I was doing and what I was getting into! She asked all the questions she could to make me think long and hard about my business and to help make sure I was as successful as I could be!"

- Echo Michaela Pountney,  Founder ECHO Consultancy Walton-on-Thames, England




"With Shaina's guidance and encouragement, I quickly learned to trust my artistic instincts, explore what makes my artistry unique, and use those qualities to my advantage to grow my career and my skill set as a makeup artist. Shaina's passion for supporting young artists is a refreshingly altruistic approach to such a competitive industry."

- Gaby Di Zitti, Certified Professional Makeup Artist Los Angeles, USA




"Shaina has always demonstrated her ongoing support by sharing her enthusiasm in openly offering her expertise and willingness to invest in others. Shaina's ongoing encouragement and guidance helped me reinforce my skill-set and confidence level in myself as a makeup artist."

- Tatiana Jamie, Master Artist GladGlam Makeup Academy Los Angeles, USA


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