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  • Jenna's Staff Pick - Doodle Mix Cake Collection

    How to Create a Creative + Wearable Doodle Collection Look!

    December 17 2021

    Jenna, a fellow SUVA Beauty employee, LOVES the Doodle Mix Cake Collection (which is available at SUVA Beauty for a limited amount of time *wink wink*). She actually chose it as her holiday staff pick! You get Doodle, Doodle Doo, and Doodle Dee, not to mention a flashlight and liner brush! Not to plug the product TOO hard, but I made a look inspired by Jenna, and it...

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  • Melissa's Staff Pick: "UV Taffies" Hydra FX Palette

    The Pastel Eyeliner Frenzy! Using UV Taffies: 5 Colors, 1 Look!

    December 15 2021

    In the beauty industry alone, pastels are being used year-round. Personally, my favorite part is how universal they've become. These colors are truly flattering on everyone. SUVA Beauty staff member, Melissa, actually chose SUVA's "UV Taffies" Hydra FX palette as her holiday staff pick. And honestly, I can see exactly why she picked it. I think she hit the nail on the head by saying, "it...

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  • Jodi's Staff Pick: "We Make Rainbows Jealous" Hydra FX Collection

    Rainbow Ombré Graphic Eyeliner with the UV Hydra FX!

    December 10 2021

    Rainbow Ombrés Are My New Thing. As you may all know, our "We Make Rainbows Jealous" Hydra FX Collection has been a bestselling SUVA Beauty product. Even SUVA's very own, Jodi, chose it as her holiday staff pick! She gave me the inspiration to create a rainbow ombré Hydra Liner look! Ready to jump on board with color? Recreate the Look: Using...

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  • #GiveSUDKA: Partnership with Krystal and Katrina

    #GiveSUDKA: Partnership with Krystal and Katrina

    May 05 2021

    For the month of May, SUVA Beauty is partnering with @krystalclearmakeup and @theartistedit, two AMAZING Vancouver locals, to help #GiveSUDKA and pay it forward to the BC Women’s Health Foundation!

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