Our Story

The Beginning

Since SUVA Beauty’s beginnings, Shaina aimed to create a brand that represented her cosmetic artistry and personal style. “Most people would describe my style as weird and unique. I also like making fun of myself - it’s a good reminder to not always take life too seriously,” she admits. “But, when it comes to business, I do the grunt work to make sure we’re at the forefront of beauty innovation!”
At its core, SUVA Beauty is bold color, imaginative fun, and innovative.

By the time SUVA Beauty kicked off in 2015, Shaina already had years of experience under her belt. She studied International Relations and Foreign Policy Making in university and her experience (in Canada and Egypt) includes: teaching, journalism, marketing, consulting, NPO work, and TV/ Film makeup artistry (ABC, TSN, SportsNet, and the SyFy Network). Shaina’s multi-faceted background gave her the upper hand in building a business from the ground up. Her hands-on experience as a makeup artist allowed her to create products with intense pigmentation, ease of blendability and color mixology that meet and exceed pro-artist expectations. 

Despite being exclusive to pro-artists upon the brand’s launch, within a year, SUVA Beauty attracted a global consumer audience with the creation of the "Hydra Liner™". SUVA Beauty introduced bright, bold and colorful neon cake liners to the world, inspired by Shaina's Fijian background. The Hydra Liners and Hydra FX line now have a global cult following with SUVA being known as the disruptor in the neon graphic liner category. 

Shaina continues to develop every product with the artist in mind - “I develop products on its ability to perform. If it doesn’t meet my standards as a traditional artist, then the formula doesn’t move on to the next stage of development.” With Shaina and her all-star team at the helm, SUVA Beauty is consistently pushing to redefine and reinvent traditional beauty products. 


The Inspiration

Lush, vibrant and creative is everything that the Fiji islands embody. In the capital city of Suva, the weather is always hot, the houses are made of colourful tin, and the community is infectiously happy and cheerful. Like the island itself, SUVA Beauty aims to excite and spark good-spirit in every artist or creator. Whether you’re picking up a brush for the first time or the thousandth time, SUVA’s colourful and pro-grade products will challenge you to create a trend-setting or awe-inspiring new look! 


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