How to use SUVA Beauty's Opakes: Cosmetic Paints

mars 10 2022 – Olivia Lam

How to use SUVA Beauty's Opakes: Cosmetic Paints

How to use SUVA Beauty's Opakes: Cosmetic Paints

SUVA Beauty's OPAKES Cosmetic Paints! There are 6 stunningly bold matte colors in the collection (Willy Nilly White, Bamboozled Black, Ragamuffin Red, Blafou Blue, Hello Yellow, and Pogo Pink) as well as 2 additional formulas (After Gloss - Eye and Lip Gloss, and UV Boost - UV Mixing Medium).

But first, what is cosmetic paint? And how the heck do you use it?

Cosmetic paint has been an industry must-have since the dawn of professional makeup artistry. There are several different formulas on the market, but pros have been drawn cosmetic paints because of the product's versatility. The OPAKES, can be used for eyes, eyelashes, brows, cheeks, lips, and overall body makeup!

So what does SUVA Beauty’s OPAKES offer? This formula is water resistant and completely transfer proof! It also packs a PUNCH of color (trust me, a little goes a LONG way), not to mention endless color mixing opportunities!

So how do you use the OPAKES Cosmetic Paints? These simple steps will have you up and running in absolutely no time!

  1. Massage + Shake: Give your new Opaakes tube a thorough massage and shake before each use. This helps incorporate the formula for seamless application
  2. Squeeze: Now this part is up to you - you can squeeze the product directly on the brush if you’re confident, or if you want a little time to play, grab a clean makeup mixing palette and squeeze the product onto the palette. Remember, start small - a little goes a long way! You can even unscrew the OPAKES cap, and dip your SUVA Two Ten brush spoolie end directly into any OPAKES tube for a quick colorful mascara!
  3. Mix (optional): To create your own custom colors, mix different OPAKES together to create stunning unique blends! Mix in UV Boost to add a kick of UV-powered magic for true nighttime sparkle. You can even pre-mix your colors and save them in a sanitary air-tight jar for future use!
  4. Apply: Create striking looks on your eyes, cheeks or lips! Add After Gloss for a dewy finish that will stay on all day long.
  5. Remove: To remove your OPAKES, use an oil-based makeup remover. For example, you can use micellar water, oil cleanser, or even a melting makeup balm.

Watch demos and applications of the Opakes on SUVA Beauty's YouTube Channel:

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