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Giving Back

Shaina Azad CEO Founder SUVA Beauty

Hi everyone,

My name’s Shaina and I’m the Founder & CEO of SUVA Beauty.

As some of you may know, I was raised by Fijian immigrants and my parents worked extremely hard to build a life for our family here in Canada.

Like so many of you, my family’s story is filled with hardship and struggle. But most importantly, it’s also filled with kindness. My family was able to thrive and succeed because of the compassion and help from others.

Before I started SUVA Beauty, I was actually set on a path heavily involved in charitable work and non-profit organizations. Some of which include Taawon Welfare Association, helping displaced families in Palestine, and Volunteers in Action, teaching young Egyptian orphans English literacy. 

We often get caught up in the stresses of our own lives, but it's so important to think of how we can give back to our community.

Remember, there’s no such thing as “self-made.” We all work hard for our aspirations, but we also need cheerleaders, support and help from those around us.

With that in mind, kindness and compassion has always been an integral part of SUVA Beauty. Below are some organizations that our team has helped and donated to in the past!

NPO Charity Shaina Azad SUVA Beauty

Is there an organization we need to hear about? Shout them out to We'd love to hear all about them!

 SUVA Beauty NPO NGO Organizations Donations


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