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suva beauty founder and ceo shaina azad

SUVA Beauty is a brand inspired by the vibrant culture and natural beauty of Fiji, with the name "SUVA" paying homage to the capital city of the island nation. The brand embodies the colorful and joyful spirit of island life - from tropical color palettes, to the positive energy that permeates every aspect of the brand, SUVA Beauty is a celebration of all people and the beauty that comes with diversity.

SUVA Beauty was founded by CEO Shaina Azad and is the Creator of the Hydra Liner™️. Shaina continues to develop every product with the pro artist in mind - “I develop products on its ability to perform. If it doesn’t meet my standards as a traditional artist, then the formula doesn’t move on to the next stage of development.” With Shaina and her all-star team at the helm, SUVA Beauty is consistently pushing to redefine and reinvent traditional beauty products.

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