SUVA Beauty Pro Discount Program

SUVA Beauty has gained an amazing following with makeup artists and makeup students all around the world! We know that to build a great kit you need the best products, but sometimes it can get pricey. So, we would love to help out with that and invite accredited artists and students to join our PRO program for discounts and other great benefits.


What are the main benefits of the program?

- 30% or more OFF (most) of SUVA Beauty's Products
- Monthly specials for exclusive discounts
- Front of the line ordering for new product launches

- FREE Standard Shipping Available

- NEXT DAY Shipping Options Available

- FREE to Join

Who can apply?

1) Accredited/Professional working makeup artists


2) Makeup Artistry Students in an accredited program

Where is it available?

This program is only available to residents of the United States with USA based addresses. 

Note: We will be launching a separate Canadian & International Pro Program in the future. 


To qualify, we require the following:

 1. ONE copy of a valid government photo identification (driver’s license or federal photo ID)

2. FOR CERTIFIED MAKEUP ARTISTS: TWO of the following to indicate your current employment as a makeup artist:

- Professional license (cosmetology)

- Editorial page with name credit

- TV or film crew/call list on production company letterhead

- Valid union card

- Professional letter of reference stating employment


- Confirmation of current enrollment from an accredited makeup program



SUVA Beauty reserves the right to reject an application or request additional documentation at our discretion. 


SUVA Beauty Pro Artist Program Purchase Policy

Product purchased using the program discount are for the member's personal and professional use only and may not be resold under any circumstances. All accounts are required to ship to the members name and approved shipping address unless otherwise approved by SUVA Beauty.


SUVA Beauty reserves the right to limit any member purchases (maximum spend of $1000.00 USD per calendar year) as well as the right to approve, deny or cancel the membership of any member at any time. SUVA Beauty also reserves the right to cancel or modify the program at any time without any prior notification.


The SUVA Beauty Pro Artist discount does not apply to sale or special discount items. Members will receive the lower of the sale price or a membership discount off the regular retail price.


Application Approval

Please allow 2-3 weeks for application processing. Once your application has been approved you will receive an email notification with instructions to begin your SUVA Pro membership.


Any questions? Please contact us by email at!