How to Get the Perfect Hydra Liner Consistency for Winged Eyeliner

maj 23 2020 – Olivia Lam

How to Get the Perfect Hydra Liner Consistency for Winged Eyeliner

How to Get the Perfect Hydra Liner Consistency for Winged Eyeliner

Woo! You just received your SUVA Beauty package in the mail and you’re super excited to start creating looks with your Hydra Liners. You’ve seen these bad boys being used all over Instagram and can’t get over how bright, pigmented and NEON they are! But when you activate the Hydra Liners for the first time, you can’t seem to get an opaque application. What are you doing wrong?


First of all, you’re not doing anything wrong! The Hydra Liners & Hydra FX are water activated cake products designed for multi-use creativity (eyeliner, face painting, body art, airbrushing, etc.). The formula allows artists to experiment with the consistency to create the effect they desire. But in order to get the perfect consistency for a winged eyeliner, you’ll have to do a little testing yourself!

Here’s how to get the perfect Hydra Liner consistency for eyeliner:
  1. Activate the Hydra Liner/FX with a wet makeup brush (water only). Do not drop water directly into the pot as this may lead to excessive water retention (ie. your Hydra Liner will not fully dry and get gummy).
  2. Want to try a mixing medium other than water? Scrape the product out of the pot and onto a makeup palette before activating. Adding ingredients other than water directly to the pot can change the formula over time.
  3. Activate the product by mixing until you achieve a smooth and creamy consistency. Swatch the application on your hand first - it should apply without streaking, clumping, skipping, or bleeding.
  4. If the application is clumpy or too thick, dip your brush in water again and lightly remix the product.
  5. If the application is too runny/watery, you need to mix the product more.
  6. For a super opaque application, the key is to start with a good consistency and not layer applications. Layering sheer applications will likely result in cracking (see our blog post on cracking here!).
There you have it! And if you still aren’t achieving the consistency you want, please have a look at the videos on our Instagram page - we have IGTVs, Story Highlights and posts that visually demonstrate these tips! If all else fails, DM us! We’re happy to chat about our products and your experience.
Have fun creating #SUVASquad!



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