The Rainbow Relief: SUVA Beauty’s pledge to pay it forward & give back to the community

April 28 2021 – Brooklyn Cooper

The Rainbow Relief: SUVA Beauty’s pledge to pay it forward & give back to the community

The Rainbow Relief: SUVA Beauty’s pledge to pay it forward & give back to the community

SUVA Beauty’s founder Shaina Azad isn’t just passionate about bright coloured makeup, she also started an initiative called ‘The Rainbow Relief,’ which is SUVA Beauty’s way of giving back to the community and supporting vulnerable populations.

Before Shaina started SUVA Beauty, she did a lot of work for non-profit organizations. As a Foreign Correspondent Journalist while living in Egypt, Shaina joined Volunteers in Action (VIA). VIA is an organization that allowed Shaina to directly make an impact by volunteering her time and resources by teaching young orphans English literacy. While in Egypt, she also worked with Student Teacher Action for Refugees (STAR), an initiative helping Ethiopian, Sudanese, and Eritrean refugees. 

Shaina initially started wanting to pay it forward when she witnessed the struggles and hardships of her immigrant Fijian parents. With just pennies in their pockets, they endured an uphill battle as they began to build their life in Canada. To this day, Shaina says her parents still maintain the same mindset of frugal living and giving back to those truly in need. 

Paying it forward has always been an integral part of Shaina’s identity and therefore SUVA Beauty, so this core value has turned into an actionable initiative: The Rainbow Relief. 

The Rainbow Relief is a spectrum of SUVA Beauty’s pledge to pay it forward and give back to the community. The spectrum includes: 

1. #GiveSudka

In Arabic, “sadaqah” (pronounced: sud-ka) is a common phrase used to express a voluntary charitable act towards someone else. The acts are not necessarily monetary, and could be expressed in other ways like volunteer time or even a simple gesture, like a smile! 

As a part of The Rainbow Relief, SUVA has partnered with notable role models in beauty and media to #GiveSudka and pay it forward. The Role Models are empowered with a SUVA Beauty discount code to share with their followers and every time the code is used on, SUVA will donate 100% of the savings directly to charity on behalf of the customer.

2. Mentorship Program

The Mentorship Program is a hands-on, learning and skill building experience provided by Shaina. With 15 years of experience in marketing, business and professional makeup artistry, Shaina works one-on-one with each individual to help them accomplish their career goals. 

To date, Shaina has mentored over 30 young entrepreneurs, helped establish 12 small businesses, and employed three individuals within SUVA Beauty. 

3. Direct Donations

Kindness and compassion have always been an integral part of SUVA Beauty, and the SUVA Beauty team makes an effort to select charities and non-profit organizations that directly help those in need. 

If you want to learn more, click here!

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