The Rainbow Relief


Before I started SUVA Beauty, I was working in the non-profit sector and heavily involved in charitable work. While living in Egypt as a Foreign Correspondent Journalist, I joined Volunteers in Action (VIA). VIA is near and dear to my heart as I was able to directly make an impact by volunteering my time and own resources teaching young orphans English literacy. While in Egypt, I also started working with Student Teacher Action for Refugees (STAR), an initiative helping Ethiopian, Sudanese, and Eritrean refugees. It’s easy to get caught up in the stresses of our own lives, but it's so important to think of how we can give back to our community. 

I initially took this path as I witnessed the struggle and hardship of my Fijian immigrant parents. They endured so much trying to build their life in Canada. They had pennies in their pockets and to this day, still maintain the same mindset of frugal living and giving back to those who are truly in need. Thus, paying it forward has always been an integral part of SUVA Beauty, so we have turned this core value into an actionable initiative: The Rainbow Relief. The Rainbow Relief is a spectrum of our pledge to pay it forward and give back to our community.  The spectrum includes:

  1. #GiveSudka
  2. Mentorship Program
  3. Direct Donations

    You can learn more about each arm of the Rainbow Relief in this kit. Thank you for listening to my story, SUVA Beauty’s pledge, and being a part of the Rainbow Relief!

    Shaina Azad
    Founder & CEO, SUVA Beauty


    Click below to learn about each arm of the Rainbow Relief