“Each day was something new which I loved because you never knew what to expect. Shaina was always so knowledgeable and professional but also the funniest and goofiest person you'd ever met.” - Monica M.

I really appreciate the chance that I had to be part of the SUVA team. It was a significant step in my transformation as a makeup artist.” - Melody L.

“Shaina really helped me figure out what I needed to do and know to excel in the fashion industry. I am very grateful for that and can’t wait to take my new found knowledge and reach my goals.” - Happi K.

“Through one-on-one time with Shaina, I was able to learn Photoshop tips as well as how to be successful in my area of interest, TV and film. Shaina was supportive and encouraging, and always gave me a push to come out of my comfort zone.” - Tori N.

“Shaina brought me in and taught me so much about makeup and the business behind building a brand and being successful. My experience at SUVA Beauty was fun, inspiring, and educational.” - Amber K.

“I have learnt to go outside my comfort zone, try new techniques and find my style of makeup. Whether that be trying out more creative looks or focusing on perfecting a skin finish.” - Rachel W.