With a full range of bold colour cosmetics, SUVA Beauty aims to excite and spark inspiration in every artist or creator.

Each SUVA Beauty product is an extension of its CEO and Founder, Shaina Azad. As a former professional artist, Azad ensures that every SUVA product presents high-grade formulation -  products suited for both pros and enthusiasts.

Since SUVA Beauty’s beginnings in early 2015, Shaina aimed to create a brand that represented her cosmetic artistry and personal style. “I have no problems making fun of myself,” Shaina admits. “I’m quirky, try to be funny, and speak my mind.” Hence, SUVA Beauty is formulated to be bold, inventive, imaginative, weird and cheeky.


More like, “Where is Suva?” ;). SUVA Beauty takes its name from the vibrant and lush capital of Fiji. Apart from having cultural significance, Suva holds a unique place in Shaina’s heart. She knows that there is nothing on Suva that can’t put a smile on a face: from the welcoming people on the streets to the mouth-watering food in the market, to the calming ebb and flow of water on the shores.

Like the island itself, SUVA Beauty aims to excite and spark good spirit in every artist or creator. Whether you’re picking up a brush for the first time or the thousandth time, the brand’s colourful and pro-grade products challenge everyone to seek inspiration and create a trend-setting or awe-inspiring new look.


By the time SUVA Beauty was running, Shaina already had years of experience in marketing, visual design, business, and cosmetics. She studied foreign policy at university, worked as a journalist and marketing consultant in Cairo, was a film and TV makeup artist (for networks and companies like ABC, TSN, SportsNet, and Budweiser) and taught Makeup Artistry at Blanche Macdonald Centre in Vancouver. Shaina’s multi-faceted background gave her the upper hand in creating cosmetic products that specifically catered to Professional Makeup Artists.

SUVA Beauty’s first product was the 30-Shade Pro-Artist Palette. This palette, along with each of SUVA Beauty’s current shadows were designed with the artist in mind - with larger pan sizes (36mm in diameter and 4 grams to be exact!), deeper pigmentation and ease of bendability and colour creation - all qualities Pro-Artists adore.

When formulating SUVA Beauty’s signature butter shadows, Shaina aimed for “a high quality, pro-grade brand that everyone could use.” She worked through plenty of sample batches and encountered countless sleepless nights. The result? Shadows with a built-in primer that delivers intense pigmentation! Features like this placed SUVA Beauty amongst industry leaders and recognized by Academy Award, Emmy-Winning and Industry Leading makeup artists such as Kevin James Bennett, Joel Harlow, and Jon Hennessey. These features also gave birth to the distinguishable “#SUVASwatch” hashtag on Instagram. But despite being exclusive to Pro-Artists, SUVA Beauty’s high-grade products also attracted a wider audience.


Not long after its launch, people from every swatch of life turned to SUVA Beauty. Consumers wanted a brand that would uphold professional quality while being adaptable to their unique level of skill and expertise. The voices were heard and SUVA Beauty was released to the masses later in 2015.

Shaina never imagined that the voices of hundreds of thousands of people would have a say in SUVA Beauty’s development, but listening to consumers and followers turned out to be a core principle of SUVA Beauty.

SUVA Beauty will always have artists in mind and treat them with unyielding respect. By providing an inclusive environment for people to share in the love of art and makeup, SUVA Beauty hopes to spread their philosophy of kindness and acceptance to any human, creature or Space Panda.

With Shaina at the helm, SUVA Beauty is consistently pushing to redefine and reinvent traditional beauty products. Although SUVA Beauty already has a line of stellar eyeshadows and Hydra Liners, it is in the progress of completing a comprehensive cosmetic line.