Are your products vegan and/or cruelty free?

All of our Hydra Liners/FX, Liquid Chrome Illuminating Drops, Moisture Matte Liquid Lipsticks and Makeup Brushes are vegan-friendly! 🌱And all of our current products are cruelty-free! 🐰


What can I use the Hydra Liners/FX for?

The Hydra Liners/FX are great for eye, face and/or body art. Apply with a makeup brush, sponge or airbrush!


What's the difference between Hydra Liners and Hydra FX?

Both Hydra Liners and Hydra FX perform the same - the difference is the Hydra FX products are designed for face and body art and the Hydra Liners are designed for eye, face and body art. These formulas are approved for the eye area in Canada and the E.U.


Tips for using Hydra Liners/FX?

1. Start with a wet makeup brush (use water).

2. Use the wet brush to activate the Hydra Liner - mix until you get a creamy consistency.

3. If the mixture is too dry, wet your brush further and continue mixing.

4. The key is to start with a good consistency so that your application requires minimal layers. Layering thinner applications may result in cracking.

5. Let the product air dry before storing away.


My Hydra Liner/FX came completely dry - what do I do?

Our Hydra Liners/FX are water-activated cake products - meaning they are solid and dry before being activated by water. In order to use the product, it must be activated by water. Mix the product with a wet makeup brush for application. Mix until the product is creamy then apply! Watch this video for a live demonstration: https://youtu.be/XywMhK3bEJU


Why is my Hydra Liner/FX not pigmented?

The pigmentation of the Hydra Liners depends on water consistency. The key is to mix the product to a creamy consistency first before applying. If the application is too sheer, you may be using a little too much water or it needs to be mixed more.


How do I stop my Hydra Liner/FX from cracking?

Cracking is usually the result of layering sheer applications. The key is to start with a good consistency so that your application requires only one layer! Mix the product with water until it is creamy, like melted ice cream, before applying. Read our blog here to learn more!


Can I use Hydra Liners/FX in my waterline?

We do not recommend using the Hydra Liners for the waterline, as they are water-activated.


Are the Hydra Liners/FX waterproof?

Hydra Liners are water-activated and are smudge proof and transfer proof once dried. You can make the application water resistant by applying a makeup sealer. Please be aware of the application precautions on makeup sealers when using it with your favorite Hydra products.


Why does my UV Hydra FX smell?

The smell you are experiencing occasionally occurs with UV pigmented shades. We intentionally do not mask this “raw ingredient” smell by adding other scents, as it may cause other irritations.

The product is 100% safe and will go away over time and with use. If the smell is quite bothersome, we advise leaving the cap off the product overnight for a couple of days in a sanitary area.



    How much is shipping?
    • United States - Free Over $50 USD
    • Canada - Free Over $60 CAD

    Note: For Canada & United States orders all prices include shipping and any applicable taxes. No additional fees will be charged at time of delivery!


    Do you offer EXPRESS options?

    Yes! We offer Express Shipping options.


    How long does it take to ship my package?

    Your package will ship as soon as it has been processed (see below for processing times)

    Processing Time:

    1 to 3 Business Days 

    I paid for one specific shipping option but when I received my tracking, it shows it was shipped with another method?

    We want to make sure you get your package as soon as possible - at times we may upgrade your delivery method or use a different service if it is available.


    I placed an order and I still haven’t received my tracking information - what do I do?

    Step 1: Please check your spam/junk folders - sometimes tracking emails get lost in these darn folders!

    Step 2: If you are still unable to locate the tracking email, please email us at info@suvabeauty.com right away, as there is a chance that your email or phone number may need to be updated in our system.

    **For untracked orders, we will normally send out a confirmation of shipment with a reference number but this is not trackable.


    My order hasn’t arrived! What do I do? Assuming shipping timeframe has passed.

    If tracking shows that the package hasn’t arrived please email us at: info@suvabeauty.com

    *For untracked orders, we always recommend contacting your local post office as sometimes the packages are put on hold waiting customs clearance.


    It says my order has arrived but I don’t have it! 

    Step 1: Check with other members in your household, or all around the house/mailbox as couriers will sometimes place it in odd locations.

    Step 2: We find that 10% of shipments that say they are delivered are actually not even out for delivery and the mail depot scanned it delivered in error. USPS advises to wait 2-3 additional days before submitting an inquiry.

    Step 3: If it still hasn't showed up - send us an email at info@suvabeauty.com and we will submit an inquiry with the courier.

    Step 4: We normally receive an update from couriers within a few days and if it still hasn't arrived we will start our lost package procedure.

    **For express options, please email us at info@suvabeauty.com as soon as it says it has arrived and we will investigate immediately. Express orders can sometimes be delivered to UPS locations and be held for a limited time.


    Are there any international duties or taxes on my order?

    All customers in Canada & USA will have no duties or additional fees on their order.

    For all other countries, duties/taxes/import fees are NOT included in the item price OR the shipping cost. These are the responsibility of the buyer and also please check with your countries customs office to make sure item can be imported.


    Do you ship to my country?

    We ship to the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Poland.



    What is your return policy?

    We accept returns within 30 days of the order purchase date. Products must be in new, unused and unopened condition to receive a refund. To set up a return, please contact our Customer Support team at info@suvabeauty.com. **Mystery Sack/Box Items are not eligible for exchanges and/or returns - all items are final sale**


    Do you cover the return shipping fee?

    We do not cover postal/shipping fees for return packages. Please contact info@suvabeauty.com for return and exchange inquires.


    My product arrived damaged ☹️

    We're so sorry to hear about your damaged product! Please contact us right away at info@suvabeauty.com with your full name, order number and photo of the damaged product. We'll get this resolved as quickly as possible!



    What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal.


    Something is missing from my order

    Yikes! We are so sorry for this! Please send us an email to info@suvabeauty.com with your order number in the subject line and the item(s) that you're missing in the body of the email.


    I need to modify/cancel my order!

    We advise to contact us immediately at info@suvabeauty.com, as orders can start processing within 30 minutes of receipt. If possible, we will can modify/cancel an order but we cannot guarantee this.


    Can I pay in my own currency?

    We currently accept payment by Visa/Mastercard in: United States Dollar, Canadian Dollar, British Pound, Euro, Australian Dollar, Danish Krone, Hong Kong Dollar, Japanese Yen, New Zealand Dollar, Singapore Dollar



    Who can I contact for PR?

    Sorry! We do not have an active/on-going PR List and do not accept submissions for PR Packages.


    Why don't you have a PR list?

    As much as we love content creators, these are the reasons why we do not have a PR list:

    1. Our customers put greater value in OTHER customers who have purchased our products - people who truly love SUVA Beauty!
    2. Sadly, we receive too many PR requests from individuals who don't understand our products and would not be suitable educators and advocates for our brand.
    3. We are a small indie brand and managing a PR Program takes an excessive amount of time away from creating new and innovative products for you!